Success comes when we combine our philosophy, our process and our practitioner heritage to achieve your business objectives. Whether your company is large or small, and regardless of where you are in your own digital transformation journey, our services are designed to:

  • Help you reimagine how digital can transform your business
  • Take a holistic look at the end-to-end customer experience
  • Intimately understand your audiences needs, wants and desires
  • Develop a concise, actionable and defensible digital strategy
  • Identify the right KPI's that align to your business objectives

Digital strategy development

  • Opportunity assessment and business case development
  • Environmental and competitive analysis
  • Customer journey analysis and experience mapping
  • Cross-functional discovery and alignment
  • Digital capability, staffing and competency assessment
  • Metric and scorecard development
  • Horizon planning and tactic prioritization 


Social ENGAGEMENT governance and stewardship

  • Inventory and analysis of social engagement competencies
  • Organizational design and budget planning
  • Engagement policy development and employee training
  • Internal and external communications strategy and planning
  • Social customer care planning and implementation
  • Digital workforce activation and optimization
  • New media crisis management planning


Digital Insights

  • Brand, product and competitive conversational analysis
  • Early warning radar to understand customer dissatisfactions
  • Identification of priority destinations, influencers or detractors
  • Competitive SEM, paid media and influencer marketing analysis
  • Consumer insight analysis to inform business strategy
  • Audience nomenclature analysis to improve SEO / SEM
  • Insight driven content strategy SWOT analysis