All too often companies fall into the trap of leading with tools or technology solutions before stepping back and building the broader strategy. We've seen countless brands make enormous investments in point solutions only to have them become shelf-ware shortly after deployment. 

At Level 5 we take our clients through a proven process for digital business transformation and planning:



Launching a web site or creating a Facebook page is easy; extracting value from them is hard, especially without clear business objectives. We’ll analyze your business, interview your stakeholders and understand key goals – from improving customer satisfaction to garnering product feedback to expanding brand awareness – so we can build the right digital strategy to achieve those objectives.



Is your company ready to engage with customers?  Organizational alignment is a crucial, yet often overlooked, step on the path to digital excellence.  We’ll prepare your business to to extract value from digital with a rigorous plan integrating governance and readiness, as well as resource, platform and content requirements.  With proven project management and planning skills, Level 5 ensures your digital initiatives are structured for success from the start.



Successful engagement comes down to one thing: consistency.  That means regularly responding to customer issues, knowing how to extract and incorporate consumer feedback, and increasingly empowering customers to do positive things for themselves, their community and the company. We know firsthand how to drive sustainable customer engagement on a massive scale; we’ve successfully done it at Apple, EMC, Beam Suntory and numerous other Fortune 500 clients.



“But how do we know that it’s working?”  The reality of any business requires the ability to show return on investment and, though the data points may be different, the goal for measuring customer engagement is the same: aligning operational metrics to your strategic business objectives. Our planning process is rooted in KPI's that align to your current business objectives. After all, no one's every been promoted due to an increase in Facebook followers. An incremental increase in sales or a measurable increase in customer satisfaction... Now we're talking.